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2017 Low Light Hunting Scope Comparison

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Review: Sightron S-TAC 3-16 x 42mm Rifle Scope “A Big Surprise”

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Caldwell Universal Pistol Mag Charger

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Is the Firearms Industry in Complete Disarray?

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Comments on the Beretta A300

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Avoiding the Terror of Shotgun Stock Shims

February 2017 Update: Remington V3 12 Gauge Autoloader

The 2017 Winchester SX4 Puzzler

First Look: 2017 Benelli Super Black Eagle 3, the Best Ever?

Coming: The Big Game Hunting Riflescope for 2017

Morbidly Stupid Government, Morbidly Stupid Gun Law

A Concealed Carry 9mm Pistol Comparison: Remington, Ruger, Walther

The Lightweight Long Action Centerfire Rifle

The Thompson-Center STRIKE Muzzleloader: Best for the Bucks? Part One.

Federal's new 12 Gauge Target Shotshell: Federal Premium Gold Medal Grand

The Tragic Tinker Toy Effect of Cheap Guns

The Sidewinder that Saves Your Life by North American Arms

On The Savage 10ML-II 12/8/2016

In Need of Twenty Gauge Opinions

All About Pheasant Hunting

Where, Oh Where Did My Shotshell Pattern Go?

The Solution to Miserable Browning Trigger Pollution: Jim at Cole Gunsmithing

Shotgun Pattern Loss By Range

2016 Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen Phase Two

Review: 2016 Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun Part Two

Review: 2016 Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Sporting Shotgun Part One

A Look at Federal's Buffered 16 Gauge Loads

Compared: Benelli M2 20 Gauge Vs. Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen Part One

REVIEW: 2016 Browning Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge Autoloading Shotgun, Part Two

Review: 2016 Browning Sweet Sixteen 16 Gauge Autoloader, Part One

Firearms Bargains of the Fall 2016

Shotgun Recoil

Too Much Gun?

About the Safety on a Shotgun or Rifle

Trulock Super Waterfowl Chokes

Review: 2016 Fabarm L4S Grey Hunter 12 Gauge Autoloader

Patterning A Shotgun 2016


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